Step Back and Reinvent Your Marketing

"A goal without a plan is just a wish," Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Hear how Todd Decker, CMO at a top 30 accounting firm in the U.S., shifted his focus toward learning about converting prospects into customers:
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Why Step Back to Move Forward

Experience teaches us that when your group has the time and space to find consensus on your marketing challenges — the results follow. In our Discovery Retreat, we will work together in a way that builds clear, powerful plans for the future, while also teaching your team to repeat the process themselves.

My process-driven retreat model maps your current sales and marketing plan, then identifies the gaps and barriers that are inhibiting your sales. We’ll produce specific and measurable goals, and we’ll help your team develop into a group that garners more respect among the leaders of your company.

We’ve designed the one-day retreat to be simple, while adding depth to your understanding. But I also promise it will be a fun and energy-filled day;  everyone will go home and talk about it — in a good way!

I will be the third party that can keep the group on track, respect the authority of the boss but also push past the barriers that have inhibited growth.

What You Can Expect to Receive

You will leave a retreat with:

  1. A smarter, motivated team
  2. A common language to allow for more effective communications as a team
  3. A framework to use to address future challenges
  4. A tool for a year of accountability initiative and to-do items
  5. A wall of large sticky notes that hold your adjusted plan
  6. A copy of SHIFT for each team member and full access to the site and the videos for follow-up and training
  7. An executive postmortem to discuss any opportunities, ideas or next steps for your team
Do you have questions about retreats? Send me a message.

What does it cost?

We offer two options, a one-day structured retreat and an extended retreat designed around the unique needs of your company.

  1. 1 Day Retreat, $8,500 + travel OOP
  2. Extended Retreat, call and we will design and quote the right trip for your firm
  3. Looking for something else? BIG, really big?I’ll plan a retreat that your team will never forget.

Where Will We Meet?

We are flexible, and we’re happy to work with your group. Or you can choose from some of our client’s favorite places:

  • Blackberry Farms. Just enjoy the wine and amazing food, the setting, the spa…and yes Orvis certified guides, and Sean can help teach your team how to fly fish.
  • Pursell Farms + Wine tasting. Led by a local chef or sommelier and yeah, I’ll help a bit in this relaxed and fun tasting event. Oh did I mention you can choose some of the best golf in the country, or wing shooting and traps?
  • Snowbird Mountain Lodge + Guided fly fishing trip. Hearty breakfast? Check. Camping in a lodge? Check. Hiking rural mountains? Check. Bring your motorcycle and I might join you for a ride on the famous “Tail of the Dragon.” Then again, the main lodge and fireplace and mountain views are perfect for a good book.

Allow Us to do the Work

Sean has worked with thousands of clients over the years.
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