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I approach main-stage speaking differently from a lot of events. A main-stage speech isn’t a place to stand and shout (though that can occasionally happen), it’s a gift to help others learn from some of the brightest (and darkest) moments of my life and career. When I speak it’s a place to lift your head up, talk, share and think about things outside your everyday experience.

Speaking of your head, I have spent the better part of my career learning about what’s happening in the human brain when we make important decisions. Brain science, the way people think, the way they change, buy and sell…it’s fascinating stuff.

Over the years I learned that if we apply the science of change and decision making, in a very fun interactive way, we can make a great marketer and salesperson out of you. My approach to sales and marketing is definitely NOT grounded in manipulation. Selling is helping and marketing is simply giving people what they need to make the best choices for them.

My talks vary from group-to-group but all are rooted in the same principle. I provide you with a sales framework in the context of behavioral science.

You can use this science-based framework to manage budgets, for pipeline reporting and the creation of a common language for you and your marketing and sales team.

How it works

I speak 10-15 times per year. I do not use a speaker’s bureau, which will save you a bit of money. My talks vary from regional conferences to groups like Vistage, as well as private events for internal departments and executive leadership teams. Fees range from $750 to $5,000, based on the audience, the preparation necessary, the distance, the length of the presentation, and the size of the group. Time on stage varies from 30 minutes to 2-day events.

  1. Reach out and let’s talk about your objectives. We can determine quickly if I am a fit for your event.
  2. If we are a good fit, we can discuss the basic talk and any customizations that would benefit your group. If it has to do with managing sales and marketing of a small to midsized business, chances are excellent that we can come up with a very compelling topic.
  3. I tend to quote the fee for each event separately. Expenses (airfare and hotel) are extra. If we agree that this is a good fit, you’ll receive a firm quotation on the fee and the expenses. I’ll make my own travel arrangements.
  4. Money: ½ the fee and expenses will be due (to be received) two weeks before the actual date.

Please contact me with more information about your opportunity. If I can’t help, I’ll be glad to refer you to another expert source.

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